Residential Real Estate

We Are Residential Real Estate Law Experts

We handle all aspects of residential real estate transactions. We provide you with effective, skillful service in writing, negotiating and reviewing contracts, and sales documents. Our firm has experience assisting clients with all types of contracts and agreements. We draw upon our knowledge of Florida real estate law, land use law, and contract law to find optimal solutions for our clients.

Real Estate Transactions

We do everything we can to make real estate matters easier and less stressful for our clients including…

  • Closings
  • Condominium law
  • Easements and restrictions
  • Eminent domain
  • Evictions
  • Financing and mortgages
  • Foreclosures
  • Home construction
  • Homeowners association disputes
  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Permitting and zoning
  • Sales contracts
  • Title liens

Buying and Selling Homes

We stay with you at every step of the home-buying, selling, and building process, including…

  • Drafting or reviewing your sales contract
  • Reviewing your lending documents
  • Researching and clearing title
  • Addressing easement questions and other restrictions
  • Obtaining proper permits and zoning
  • Conducting your real estate closing

Real Estate Disputes

When real estate disputes arise, we can successfully protect your rights through negotiations and litigation. We combine extensive knowledge about real estate law with assertiveness and imposing courtroom demeanor to defend your home from foreclosure, eminent domain or an unjust homeowners association decision. We apply our experience with Florida housing laws to successfully handle evictions and landlord-tenant disputes.

Real Estate Negotiation

Not all disputes belong in the courtroom. We successfully mediate disputes that arise between neighbors, homeowners and lending institutions, buyers and sellers, and landlords and tenants. We guide the negotiations toward effective resolutions that support our clients’ best interests.

Real Estate Practice Areas

Hometown Heroes Loan Program

Fixing Municipal Violations

Residential Real Estate Tips & Trends

Why Title Insurance is Essential for Homeowners…

Why Title Insurance is Essential for Homeowners…

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How to Handle Property Disputes with Neighbors…

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We Work Closely With Real Estate Agents & Brokers

We help realtors and brokers with…

  • Commercial Real Estate Transactions — For commercial real estate transactions, we can handle detailed contracts as well as financing arrangements.
  • Residential Property Purchases and Sales — For residential real estate transactions, we manage all the legal details and let you know what to expect up to and including the closing.
  • And More — We can help with title insurance, probate, wills, estate planning, powers of attorney, medicaid planning, & more!

About Estevez Law Group

Kristie Michelle Estevez-Puentes

Skillful legal representation can simplify complex real estate transactions and solve problems that frustrate all parties involved. At the Estevez Law Group, our real estate law firm and title agency assists clients with all types of residential and commercial property matters. Having worked closely with South Florida buyers, sellers, and realtors, we understand how difficult real estate transactions can be and are committed to relieving the burden on our clients. Whether you are a first-time buyer or someone with an extensive real estate portfolio, we will give you the legal support you need to achieve the result you seek.

Why Choose Estevez Law Group?

  • Our Strong Reputation — Our firm has earned praise from current and former clients for providing exceptional legal guidance and service in handling their real estate matters.
  • Our Responsive Representation — At every stage of the process, I communicate openly with clients and answer their questions promptly. By learning about your priorities, I can tailor the process to meet your specific needs.
  • Our Affordable Fees — Property transactions are expensive enough without having to pay hidden or unnecessary costs. My commitment to affordable representation includes outlining each specific closing fee so that you have a clear understanding of your financial commitment.